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We're a small team based out of Oxford and London in the United Kingdom, dedicated to bringing you a better way to record and share the best experiences in your life. We've got a big vision, and we've only just got started.

Esplorio Team

The team

Although we're headquartered in the UK, we're an international company. Our core team travels regularly and we work with great people across the world including the US, Thailand, Indonesia and Slovakia. If you think you might fit our team we'd love to hear from you.

Tim Fernando - CEO of Esplorio Tim fernando
Sơn 'Sean' Phạm` - CTO of Esplorio Son "Sean" Pham
Essa Saulat - CMO of Esplorio Essa Saulat
Ahmed Onawale - Senior Frontend Engineer Ahmed Onawale
Hasanga Abeyaratne - Lead Designer Hasanga Abeyaratne
Anojan Sivaranjan - Designer Anojan Sivaranjan
Kasun Peiris - Frontend Engineer Kasun Peiris
Emily Fernando - Resident artist Emily Fernando


We're supported by our fantastic investors, advisors and friends of the company. These people are our eyes and ears to the greater environment and we're always looking for great advisors to help us build a better company.

Elliot MacKenzie - Investor, Advisor to Esplorio Elliot MacKenzie
Akash Gupta - Investor, Advisor to Esplorio Akash Gupta
Misha Gopaul - Investor, Advisor and CEO of FatMap Misha Gopaul
Craig Lee - Investor, Advisor and former CEO of Quickfire Networks (sold to Facebook) Craig Lee
Luca Zurlo - Investor, Advisor to Esplorio Luca Zurlo
The University of Oxford Innovation (formerly known as Isis Innovation) University of Oxford Innovation
The European Space Agency Business Incubator The European Space Agency
The London Traveltech Lab (London & Partners The London Traveltech Lab
The Trampery, London The Trampery, London
The Fast Forward (FFWD) Accelerator The Fast Forward Accelerator
The Startup Funding Club Startup Funding Club